1. Anam

    ACS How can i claim work skill points (System Analysts) if my job is not same as my education (networking)

    Hi, I completed my masters in IT major networking and currently working as system analyst. I am still doing my Professional Year. So, didn’t assess my degree yet. My question is: How can i claim my work employment points? As it is not closely related to my education (networking)? or can i do...
  2. A

    Subclass 189 Experience was 4.3yrs 3 months ago- advice beofre EOI submission pls

    Hey Guys, So I have a positive skills assessment outcome letter. Waiting for my husbands. Mine took two weeks so naturally, his has taken the full 12-14 weeks. I was assessed for 4.3 years of experience back in October. But now 3 months has passed, I wondered if I should wait until May when I...
  3. V

    Claiming Work Experience without secondary documents

    Dear Members, I am in a unique situation and seek your advice on it. I have a successful skills assessment from EA along with 6+ years of experience assessment. Now, apart from it, EA could not provide an assessment for 3 years of work experience because as per them, my secondary documents...
  4. X

    ACS Pre-Qualification relevant experience years deduction

    I have pre-qualification experience, I want to get information if it can be used as years deduction. I will list all the detail about my scenario. I have ICT-Major Computer Engineering Sep 2006 - Sep 2010 Post qualification Exp: Oct 2010 till now ( 19 Feb 2019) Pre-qualification Exp: Aug...
  5. O

    ACS Clarification needed for Assessment Expiry date

    Hi guys, Hope everyone doing well. I need a clarification regarding re-skill assessment. I am waiting for the invite since Aug 20th with 70/75 for 189/190 under 2613 (Software Engineering category). I will be getting 5 more points on Feb 1st which takes my points to 75/80 for 189/190 (NSW/VIC)...
  6. M

    EA EA fast track assessment delayed

    Hi everyone, I applied for fast track assessment in late April 2018 , but still my assignment staus is queued for assessment. My migrations agent enquired and talked to EA, they are saying that , we will give results in 15 days. What should I do next,
  7. 34ck23

    Be careful with Agencies!

    Hello Friends, As I have experienced (2 times), the process and pathways allow lots of opportunists to take big slices from migration industry, which causes pains and losses for highly skilled professionals and people who have no any choices apart from having a chance to work in countries such...
  8. A

    VETASSESS Additional work experience following Positive Skills assessment

    Hi all, New to the forum and I’ve tried searching around but couldn’t see the exact answer. Today I received a Postive Skills Assessment from VETASSESS for ‘Contract Administrator’ (51111). They said I have 2.8 years experience. I wish to submit an EOI for 489 State Nominatied for South...
  9. MysticRiver

    ACS - claiming post-assessment experience and exact skill level met date

    Due to popular demand, I am compiling a thread on two subjects. Claiming post-assessment experience: Basically, you can claim post-assessment experience as long as you continue on the same job. There were multiple precedences for this, and also that's the logical thing.... in most of the...
  10. F

    ACS Questions about RPL assessment for Multimedia Specialist

    Hi guys, I am new here and I am starting to write ACS RPL Assessment for Multimedia Specialist. I am quite lost on what to write so if does anyone who has applied for Multimedia Specialist, I would appreciate your help!
  11. ihamid

    489-SA Further Assessment?

    Hello everyone, My immigration consultant contacted me on 3rd March asking to provide the birth registration certificates of children, marriage registration certificate of wife and evidence of employment of me. I provided all that by 8th March and then after few days I called them up to ask...
  12. naveed.chohan

    EA Career episodes similarities

    If someone receives a reply from EA that the submitted CE has the similarities or copied from the sources AND they provide you a chance for explanation than you are lucky enough that they provide you a chance for explanation and now you should prove the originality of your work otherwise you may...
  13. Aadil Abbasi

    VETASSESS The Shaw Academy Professional Diploma assessment as AQF Level Six Diploma

    Hi Friends Recently I came to know that Shaw Academy Professional is accredited as AQF Level Six by below link.. Guys, Kindly, let me know if someone have information, is it accepted by ACS and for point test advice by VETASSESS?? By the way, The...
  14. Aadil Abbasi

    ACS RPL - Recently completed qualification and having previous experience

    Dear Friends I have question related to RPL, I am having experience as software engineer and I had previous suitable skills assessment via RPL by ACS. Unfortunately, at that time they did not recognized my qualification and they deducted almost 8 years of experience out my total 9 years...
  15. S

    Partner ANZSCO Code

    Hi All, I have query regarding claiming Partner Points. I understand she has to be less than 50 years, need to score in PTE and the SOL should be same with positive assessment. 1) I am a software developer (2613-12) and she is a software engineer (2613-13), are these both considered as same...
  16. S

    EA Shortcomings | Third party evidence/Income return

    Hello ! Please refer to attachment; Can you please share your feedback, what assessor actually wants to get. What is declaration acknowledgment slip? and "114(1)" Return of income file voluntarily for complete year) ? regards Raza
  17. S

    Do I need to submit Bachelor degree certificate if I want to assess Masters degree?

    Hello, for ECA is it required to get bachelors degree assessed as well apart from masters?
  18. MysticRiver

    2017-2018 Assessment authorities for immigration purpose

    SLBrief expressionMeaning1AACAArchitects Accreditation Council of Australia Inc2AASWAustralian Association of Social Workers3ACPSEMAustralasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine4ACSAustralian Computer Society5ACWAAustralian Community Workers Association6ADCAustralian...
  19. S


    My Degree is Computer Systems engineering while IELTS is 6.5 with no section less than 6. Can I assess through ACS ? Age: 32 My working domain is IP/Telecom networks. Routing, Switching, Media link connectivity, network monitoring and planning. Experience is 7 year 11 months in ISP/Telecom side.
  20. S

    EA Skill assessment

    I am going for skill assessment from EA. Is EA requires all experiences to be showed or the relevant ones ? My employment summary is as under; I graduated in March 2008 1 and half month gap from March 2008 to Arpil 2008 Got 1st job in May 2008, continued till March 2009 (10 Months experience) 1...