1. ar.ramsundar

    ACS Hi, ACS has recommended me to change my ANZSCO CODE

    I had initially applied for developer programmer but this morning i got an email from ACS saying------------ Your skills assessment has been assessed as NOT closely related to your nominated ANZSCO code. The assessor has made a recommendation that your application is suitable for the following...
  2. Kelvintan

    Guide Can we create multiple IMMI Accounts

    I cannot login to my current IMMI ACCOUNT. Even the secret questions are not working at the moment Can I make a new one ? Will that be a problem by creating multiple immi accounts using different email under the same name ?
  3. N

    HELP! Overseas work experience documents required but NO overseas relevant experience.

    Hi :) After answering all the questions on my 190 visa application I it says 'Overseas Work Experience' documents are required. I do have overseas work experience but nowhere near related to the nominated occupation nor do I have proof of it. What do I do?
  4. N

    NEED HELP!!! What should I answer in my 190 Application for nominated occupation. Claiming points.

    Hello :) I got invited to apply for 190 visa. But I'm having trouble applying at the moment because I'm stuck with some questions. I didn't claim any points for work experience in the EOI. When entering work experience it says: - Is this employment related to the nominated occupation? Which it...
  5. S

    Guide Immigration to Australia

    Hi there, seeking your advice here. I hold an Australian student visa subclass 500 and I'm married. I'm in the process of applying for my student subsequent entrant as it got refused for the first time. I have just noticed, that the family booklet/family composition that got attached doesn't...
  6. M

    visa threatening

    Hi, I applied for the visa and then I resigned from my existing job since I need to prepare. I have genuinely completed all my tasks and left the company. When leaving the company I genuinely explained these are my plans let me know if you need any help. But my boss was so jealous of me. He told...
  7. D

    Info 491 offshore 222311

    Hello members, is there anyone who has applied or waiting or planning to apply for financial investment advisor under subclass 491 for Australia ? I am waiting for the occupation to open in any state, and my points are 75 without state sponsorship.
  8. W

    Info Withdraw of dependants in under process visa application Australia

    Hello! I have applied for an offshore subclass 500 Australian student visa and my application is in process with dependants. Biometric completed but medical of my spouse need further assessments. Now I want to process my application separately and their case separately. How can I update my...
  9. M

    ACS ACS RPL reference letter

    Hello, I have a question. At this moment I'm working on the ACS RPL reference letter. I've had several roles at my employer which are all mentioned in my reference letter. All have an start/end date except my current role because I'm still active in that role. Does my employer need to mention...
  10. T

    Need suggestion for Canada immigration agent in Australia

    Hi all, Need a suggestion for immigration agent for Canada in Australia. As I reckon I have enough points for EE, I would like a genuine agent to help through the process. I have heard CECA and Y-Axis, but I am exploring more options to have flexibility. If any one of you have any suggestion...
  11. N

    2019-2020 Alternative for employment payment evidence in ACS assessment

    Hi, Any alternatives for the employment payment evidence? In my case, my previous company bank account was closed and I haven’t kept any payslips. For my current job, company name is not mentioned in the bank statement rather it just say SALARY. Also I don’t have any tax records as I am working...
  12. C

    Working Holiday Visa Extension COVID-19 Enquiry

    Hi All, I have a working holiday visa (subclass 462) due to expire on June 1, 2020. The visa has not been activated because I have not entered Australia yet. Due to COVID-19 and border closure, I am unable to enter Australia before my visa expires. Is it possible to extend the visa?
  13. S

    Subclass 600

    Hello I lodged my subclass 600 visitor visa no sponser application through immi account on 6th Jan and went for biometrics on 9th Jan. The application status is in further accessment and still asking to arrange biometrics collection. Maybe it’s immi account error not sure. I also contacted vfs...
  14. K

    ACS Proof of Employment as a company owner

    I haven't come across anything on the internet about the issue and posting it here, hopefully can get useful info about it. My question is can you submit a proof of employment letter about yourself regarding as yourself. As an example saying, as the owner of the company I'm working full time as...
  15. D

    administrative review inquiry

    my consultant is not sharing complete information regarding my administrative review case is there any away to find out some info similar to how a candidate can import his application via immi account.
  16. MysticRiver

    Result Nominations by State and Territory Governments – July 2019

    Visa subclassACTNSWNTQldSATas.Vic.WATotalSkilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)1372600137755643474Skilled Regional (provisional) visa (subclass 489)01425118129314627Business Innovation and Investment (provisional) visa (subclass 188)18152348312520306Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass...
  17. MysticRiver

    Result SkillSelect Invitation-2nd Round result (11th August 2019)

    Total Invitation Visa SubclassNumberSkilled - Independent (subclass 189)100Skilled - Regional Provisional (subclass 489)100Total200 Point distribution among the invitees* Invitation statistics (non-prorata) Visa SubclassPoints scoreVisa date of effectSkilled - Independent (subclass...
  18. MysticRiver

    2019-2020 Occupation Ceilings Update 2019-2020

    Below are the occupations which have reached 1% of their ceiling in 2019-2020 session until August 2019 round. A detailed list of all the occupations and their respective invitations per round is listed in the next post. No invitations will be sent for the occupations that reached 100% of their...
  19. MysticRiver

    Result SkillSelect Invitation-1st Round result (11th July 2019)

    Total Invitation Visa SubclassNumberSkilled - Independent (subclass 189)1000Skilled - Regional Provisional (subclass 489)100Total1100 Point distribution among the invitees* Invitation statistics (non-prorata) Visa SubclassPoints scoreVisa date of effectSkilled - Independent (subclass...
  20. MysticRiver

    Result Nominations by State and Territory Governments – June 2019

    Visa subclassACTNSWNTQldSATas.Vic.WATotalSkilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)393223410111679375641184Skilled Regional (provisional) visa (subclass 489)0584715143112173395Business Innovation and Investment (provisional) visa (subclass 188)6833161141805308Business Talent (Permanent) visa...