australian computer society

  1. Amrith

    ACS Self Employed transactions in Personal Bank Account [ACS Skilled Migration]

    I have my own business, named called "ABC Private Limited". I registered that business in 2008 , But MY Corporate bank account was registered in 2018,I lost 2008-2017 year transactions, It directly came to my personal bank account. How do i show my transactions to the SELF-EMPLOYED section...
  2. hunaintm

    ACS Isufficient Identity Documentation

    Hello, I applied for my Skill assessment through ACS body on 06 August 2022. Today I received my result which says: Your Application could not be assesed due to insufficient identity documentation. Requests were made for original copies of your identity documentation and unfortunately no...
  3. S

    Partner Skills Assesment

    Hi, I (primary application) am planing to get my skills assessed next month. I will be applying for 261313 (Software Engineer) under ACS and my wife will be applying for 22111 (Accountant Genral) under CPA. In order to gain additional 5 for state/territory (for melbourne) nomination, I am going...
  4. R

    ACS Certified copies for ACS skill assessment

    Dear Friends, I'm currently planning to apply for skill assessment for ACS. I'm a software engineer from India currently working in Kuwait. My questions are: 1. ACS needs certified documents to be uploaded. Can you please confirm who can certify these documents? There are my public documents...