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  1. Mebinkorah

    To know the scope of job , steps and process of migration to Australia...

    Hello guys, I'm new to this and the reason i joined is that, I wish to migrate to Australia but i don't know what are the steps to be taken, my job scope, monthly expenses , how easy is to get a job there etc..Can anyone help me with a proper guide. I am a creative graphic designer by profession...
  2. S

    Applying for immigration

    Hi All, I am new to the immigration process i want to apply for immigration below are my education details Dpharmacy hons 4years program kindly for your inputs
  3. S

    Partner Skills Assesment

    Hi, I (primary application) am planing to get my skills assessed next month. I will be applying for 261313 (Software Engineer) under ACS and my wife will be applying for 22111 (Accountant Genral) under CPA. In order to gain additional 5 for state/territory (for melbourne) nomination, I am going...
  4. M

    ACS ACS skill assesment rejected :(

    Hi guys Kind of stuck in here. I applied for ACS in August '18 for migration under 261313 - Software Engineer post. I have got the reply last week as : ''Your skills have been unsuitable for migration under 261313. You have been assessed as not meeting the requirements for professional...
  5. B

    Subclass 190 Chances of getting NSW 190 invitation?

    Hello guys, I've been seeing a lot of questions about 189 and 190 posted in this site and many quality replies given to them. So, I also would like to get an advice on my situation from you, because I'm not getting invitation as quick as I expected. My points breakdown and occupation is as...
  6. Grant2

    Info Detail of changes made to ImmiAccount on 02-Mar-2018

    Please refer attached presentation for detail of changes made to ImmiAccount on 02-Mar-2018
  7. S

    Migration Skill Assessment #

    Hi all , Could anyone tell me how much time does EA takes for the total MSA process including RSEA. Also , how much time it takes for the same under Fast track option. Regards Sourajit