australian skilled employment

  1. Zarinabanu

    EOI results(2023) for Occupation Software Engineer, Subclass 189/190/491 ?

    Hello Mates, I am very curious to know about the cut off for the Occupation Software Engineer, Subclass 189/190/491, kindly please help to know about the update for it.
  2. Amrith

    ACS Need Self written Statutory Declaration Format for Self-Employment Episode

    Currently I 'm working in my own office . So Are there any "Self written Statutory Declaration" Format ? for ACS Assessment Self-Employment Episode , Please help me. Copied From ACS Skilled Migration Assessment Doc == 2.9 Self-employment is when you own or run your own business or company as...
  3. shubham23sharma

    Guide Can someone brief about the visa process after medical submission?

    Under Health assessment I can see: All health examinations required for the specified visa subclass have been finalised. Processing of this person's visa application can now continue. This will not occur until a case officer investigates the case in line with published processing times for the...
  4. K

    189 visa with 75 points under job 'ICT Business Analyst'

    Hi, I have 75 points and submitted application (EOI) on July 18th under 189 skilled visa for ICT Business Analyst role. Any inputs on what are the chances and when can I get my invite? Also, if any of you can discuss regarding 2019 Sept draw, it would give me some idea. Best wishes & Thanks...
  5. R

    Subclass 189 Claiming points for Australian Experience

    I have a question regarding 5 points for Australian experience: - Is internship experience in same field and paid with all payslips and offer letter more than 20 hours considered as skilled employment? - I have got my Bachelors assessed and currently also working while pursuing Masters. The...
  6. S

    Partner Skills Assesment

    Hi, I (primary application) am planing to get my skills assessed next month. I will be applying for 261313 (Software Engineer) under ACS and my wife will be applying for 22111 (Accountant Genral) under CPA. In order to gain additional 5 for state/territory (for melbourne) nomination, I am going...
  7. Aryan

    MBA Need to check if HR Executive can apply PR For Australia - Subclass 189/190

    Good Day, My Husband is working as HR Executive from last 5 years. He studies MBA- HR. IELTS General Score is 7 in all. Please advise if he is eligible to apply for PR For Australia - Subclass 189/190. If yes, request to guide me through the complete process. Thank You.
  8. Aryan

    Other Eligibility for Subclass 189/190 Visa for Australia

    Good Day, I have 8 years experience in IT Helpdesk/Technical Helpdesk Engineer & Customer Service Engineer. I studied B.TECH Computer Science Engineer. Can anyone guide me to check my eligibility? Just want to confirm if below is the correct link to check the Eligibility for Subclass 189/190...
  9. B

    Architect skilled employment

    Hi all, I am wanting to submit my EOI (SC189) for the occupation of architect. I am now a bit puzzled as to whether my past work experience will be considered 'skilled'. I completed my undergraduate degree in architecture (BArch) in 2011, I did one year of non related work, followed by 2 years...
  10. Anony

    ACS How ACS will assess my experience and certification? Need Help!

    Hi, I'm a software engineer by profession with 8 years of full-time experience(January 2009 - Present). I have no bachelors degree but I did Microsoft Certification(MCSD) in December 2016. I scored 8 bands in each module of IELTS. My age is 27 years. I want to ask few questions listed below...
  11. aviator789

    Master Degree not included

    Hey, I have a confusion. Need your help. For ACS skill assessment, I have mentioned my Bachelor's degree (completed in 2006) which is ICT major and all the experience i have after my Bachelor's degree. I have also done master degree (2011 to 2013) along with full time job but didn't mention in...
  12. R

    Age calculation for points

    Hi All, I have a doubt on age calculation for points, between 25-32 age group we get 30 points. My question is whether 32 mentioned is 32 years completed or 32 running? I'm 1985 October born so I am confused after 2017 October whether I fall under 25-32 or 33-39 age group for points calculation?
  13. A

    Condition of Australian skilled employment - stationed outside Australia

    Hi guys, I really need an advice regarding my employment, which is giving me much headache at the moment. So I have had this skilled employment at the same company for 2.7 years in Australia. Last year I was located in Canada for the whole year, however I was still employed and paid by that...