australian study requirements

  1. D

    Info Nj letter

    Hi i got a NJ letter .i am dependent the student visa 500 application one of the question like is there any person refuse in this application by mistake i put answer No and when i put first time my file in 2014 we alredy declare the my refusal in 2009 but now i forget and i got NJ...
  2. B

    Study Requirement 491

    Hi guys! There is one thing I don't find any clear from the Immigration website. To meet the Study requirement and also the Study in Regional, does the study have to be related to the position applying? Can I study Business or Logistics for example in a regional are, if applying for an...
  3. N

    Australian Study Requirement for PhD

    Hi, i hope i can get help from this forum. My question is: if a person is doing 3.5 years phd in Australia and has completed first 2 years study so can he claim 2 years study requirement points? or he has to wait till the completion of the phd? Many thanks, Nauman
  4. raghav2k14

    Claiming Australian Master Points

    Hello I am a bit confused. My Masters will be completed mid next year. Do I need a skill assessment of Masters again to claim 5 Australian study points to make it 15+5 or will it be automatically added as I am getting my Bachelors assessed as of now? Can someone guide me. My bachelors is in...
  5. A

    Subclass 189 Australian Study Requirement

    Hi Everyone! I have submitted EOI (visa 189) in July 2017 for 263311 with 60 points atm. I have a skills assessment from EA for my bachelors degree already. Currently, I am pursing a Masters degree in Data Science from UniSA, in Adelaide. (CRICOS registered 104 weeks) It will finish on 31st Dec...
  6. A

    Whom to include in the non-migrating members of the family unit

    Dear All, I have few clarifications while trying to lodge visa application for 189 Visa class. Request 1: There was a question related - Non-migrating members of the family unit Does the applicant have any members of their family unit not travelling to Australia who are not Australian citizens...