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  1. R

    Info Split Visa application

    Dear Members, I had applied the VISA in one application - (Me/My Wife and 2 kids) But unfortunately, my wife has to go thru additional medical tests which delayed 3 months of processing, but due to my office work, VISA was granted to me- a Split application, where my wife and my kids will be...
  2. H

    ACS Need to submit the pending documents in ACS portal.

    Hello Guys, I have also submitted the Skill assessment and received email from case office that upload some additional document within 7 days. Due to some reason and my NON availability , it took almost 10 days for me to arrange all documents. Now "upload documents" button not getting in ACS...
  3. T

    NSW Spouse English exam written confirmation

    Hi Good morning, I am going to apply Permanent resident in Australia, Please let me know whether my spouse should also attend english exam? or is it enough to show my spouse degree certificates or there any other documents that can be provided as a proof for English Language? like AMEP, Degree...
  4. R

    Other Do i need to get a new skill assessment

    Hi, I already have a skill assessment from AIQS for 4 years. Now i need to Claim 5 years of experience, Do i need to get the latest year assessed or, Can i claim five years with the existing skill assessment (4 years)? TIA
  5. Mansi Patel

    ACS Is it compulsory to do professional year to assess my Master of IT degree (which i am doing in australia) or not for my case??

    I have completed bachelor's IT degree (computer engineering) in India and having 4 years of relevant experience as software engineer. I am currently studying in australia (Master of IT). I am aiming to do ACS skill assessment under Software engineer. Is it compulsory to do professional year to...
  6. A

    ACS Claiming Spouse points

    Me and my spouse have different skills under 261313(Software Engineer, MLTSOL) and 261314(Software Tester, STSOL) respectively on the skilled occupation list. Both are under different SOL lists, mine is MLTSOL and her's under STSOL. Can she still add 5 points to my 189/190 PR Australian visa...
  7. R

    When will I get my grant?

    So here is details on30 nov i go through medical and on 11 jan i came to know that i have to re appear in medical bcz they detect some spots which they consider signs of tb .on 20 march i fot my report .in which everything is clear there is no tb at all .on 30 march medical report has been...