1. M

    EA Skilled Employment between Bachelors and Masters Recognised???

    Hi there. I have a query about skilled employment assessment with Engineers Australia and was wondering if anyone can help. I'm unsure if I should apply as an Industrial Engineer (i.e. Professional Engineer) or Engineering Technologist. The problem is, I studied a 3 year bachelors degree (Sydney...
  2. maandeswal

    Bachelor Degree Credit Value required to match AQF Level 7

    Hello Everyone, I am seeking a little help regarding credit value earned in Bachelor degree. Anyone might know about it. 3 Years Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) degree, from Sikkim Manipal University -Distance Education. Total Cumulative Credits - 140 Will they assess this...
  3. S

    General Vetasses criteria for Pakistan Bachelor Degree

    Hi! I would like to know what is the criteria used by VETASSES to judge a Pakistani Bachelor degree to be considered equivalent to the Australian Bachelor Degree. Is it that the degree has to be for a certain number of years? or is it based on the number of credits? If someone has a 3 year BS...
  4. P

    Non-relevant bachelor and relevant diploma - How many years will be deducted in ACS assessment

    hi, Mystic river, I have a full time bachelor degree which is not related to my job/skill experience, but i have a 2 year part time diploma course, which is related to my job experience. I have uploaded it along with other certifications. So would it be of any help to me aganist ACS decreasing...