1. S

    Best Online Bank

    We arrived in Australia with 489 visa and before arriving we opened a wise bank account. has someone any idea about a good bank with 1. good mobile application? 2. with physical branch 3. not complicated enrolment process thanks
  2. L

    Identity Proofs?

    Hi All, Can some one please guide me what sort of documents are consider valid to open a bank account? is foreign passport and visa grant letter would be sufficient to score 100 points for opening the bank account? driving license is not an option. other available options are Medicare card and...
  3. MysticRiver

    Which bank to choose - top four or other?

    Choosing your bank is not always straight forward, most of the time we end up choosing randomly or based on popular perception without digging into details and mapping which would suit me the most. Hence, let's start discussing here about pros and cons about different banks in Australia. I'll...