biomedical engineering

  1. Miladgh

    PhD in Biomedical science with bachelor and master degree in Biomedical Engineering

    Dear all My Bachelor and master degrees are in Biomedical engineering. In my PhD program, I am working on the same project with my master project at Monash University but in School of Biomedical Science. Therefore, the title of my PhD degree would be "PhD in Biomedical Science". Considering that...
  2. R

    EA Skill assessment for Code 233913 and Code 234914

    Hi! I'm currently on Temporary Graduate visa. I'm planning to apply for PR. I did my graduation in Biomedical Engineering (4 years full-time) in India. I later moved to Australia for PG in Medical Physics (2 years full-time). I would like to know whether I can apply for assessment under Medical...