birth certificate

  1. demhalalib

    Info Indian Birth Certificate for people born before 1990

    Hi Everyone, My name is Ahmed, Currently in Australia from last 2 years on 482 long term visa, I am planning to apply for PR, and regarding documents, I have a query and though to sought your help, I was born in 1988, and I dont have Birth Certificate, When my employer applied my 482 visa...
  2. hassan1985

    2019-2020 How to mention a change in personal details in Form 80?

    Hi I have my personal details (birthplace) changed due to a mistake since I was 16 years old. Now, I have the wrong birthplace in my all documents. I want to mention this information as I intend to change it in the future. I am lodging my visa application without Birth Certificate. What is the...
  3. B

    Subclass 189 Is Birth Certificate mandatory?

    I noticed that we need to upload birth certificate as a proof of age while uploading the documents after receiving the ITA. However, I read in one of our discussion that instead of birth certificate, we can upload passport copy or 10th certificate as proof of age. Requesting an answer from...
  4. syedwahab14

    Birth Certificate for 189 visa application

    Hi, I have applied for 189 visa. As proof of age I have uploaded my passport which has my date of birth and a certificate from school (secondary school completion certificate) which also mentions my date of birth. My question is that, is it necessary to upload the birth certificate as a proof...
  5. Dileep

    Difference in Surname in Passport & Birth Certificate

    Today, at last, I got a copy of my birth certificate from the government website. But, it was having my name as Dileep S, where "S" is the initial for Sankar, which is my surname, as in my passport. Now, I am worried whether that will make it necessary for me to get an affidavit if am providing...