bridging visa

  1. LloydMcCain

    Subclass 189 Does Bridging Visa B affect 189 Processing time?

    Hi Everyone, Currently I have applied for visa 189 (got invitation and submitted the application already). While me and my partner are waiting for the visa 189 to be granted, we will go back to our country for the Lunar New Year holiday. We are applying for BVB to be allowed to travel. I will...
  2. S

    From 489 to 887 migration, does the applicant and the dependent need to be in Australia?

    Hi, Currently, I'm holding Skilled regional visa 489 and I've 10 months left to apply for 887 Visa. I would like to apply for 887 Visa next month. I'm the main applicant and my wife is my dependent. We're in regional Tasmania over 3 years and never moved to other states. We visited only twice...
  3. S


    Hi everyone, I have applied for dependent PR onshore and have been granted a Bridging Visa A (BVA) on January 2017. I have requested for Bridging Visa B (BVB) on August 2017 and have been granted that with the condition of 'Must not arrive after' 17/01/2018. So my question is, 1) Since the Must...
  4. P

    Health Check, Bridging Visa

    @MysticRiver , @Rakshanda Folks, Can I go for Health Check before I get the invite ? I believe it is valid for 2 years. The reason being, for practical reasons my spouse shall not be able to take up Health Check after the invite. 1) Can we do that, is it permissible ? Also, Once I get the...
  5. F

    General Offshore visa (189) lodgement

    Hello everyone! I've recently applied for a visa subclass 189 and got refused (because I lodged too early before I got my skills assessment). As per advice from migration counselor, I filed for an appeal to buy time. She told me that I can send my EOI while I am on appeal and exit the country...
  6. MysticRiver

    Info Onshore applicants - bridging visa

    For all For all of those who are applying on-shore (from Australia), you will be granted a bridging visa as soon as you submit your visa application. The bridging visa will act in the background of your current visa (e.g. student visa) and will have affect once your current visa expired. Your...