1. Sajid Ali

    QLD QLD Pre-Invite / State Nomination (Visa Class 190)

    Hi, I have started this thread for those who has submitted EOI for Visa Class 190 and waiting from Queensland state for: 1. Pre-Invite. 2. Approval of State Nomination. 3. Invitation through Skillselect. To see the following trends: 1. Which Occupations / ANZSCO Codes are receiving Pre-Invite...
  2. D

    BSMQ (190) EOI Response Timeframe

    Hi all, I am applying for state sponsored 190 visa from Queensland (BSMQ) I submitted my EOI on 29 July 2018, I was wondering if anyone here knows when does BSMQ pick-up, process and respond to EOIs? Is there a fix date every month that BSMQ picks up all EOIs or is it random or is it case by...