1. N

    Subclass 190 190 QLD Feb 2021 Invitation

    Anyone received an invite for QLD Feb 2021 rounds? What were your occupation and points?
  2. Jai27

    QLD Would i be considered for the EOI i submitted 5 days before had my 3months experience completed?

    Recently BSMQ opened the window from 29th September till 5th October. My agent has submitted by EOI on 29th of September itself but my 3 months of experience would complete on 5th of October. Would i still be considered for the below criteria on BSMQ website? “If you are lodging an EOI for a...
  3. Sajid Ali

    QLD QLD Pre-Invite / State Nomination (Visa Class 190)

    Hi, I have started this thread for those who has submitted EOI for Visa Class 190 and waiting from Queensland state for: 1. Pre-Invite. 2. Approval of State Nomination. 3. Invitation through Skillselect. To see the following trends: 1. Which Occupations / ANZSCO Codes are receiving Pre-Invite...
  4. D

    BSMQ (190) EOI Response Timeframe

    Hi all, I am applying for state sponsored 190 visa from Queensland (BSMQ) I submitted my EOI on 29 July 2018, I was wondering if anyone here knows when does BSMQ pick-up, process and respond to EOIs? Is there a fix date every month that BSMQ picks up all EOIs or is it random or is it case by...