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  1. N

    VETASSESS Management Consultant - ANZSCO 224711

    Hi all I was wondering if I can apply for skill assessment (Vetassess) under Management Consultant if I have an dual undergrad degree from Australia in BCOM (Accounting) and BECON (International Trade and Finance). I am currently working in BIG 4 as a consultant in restructuring finance deals...
  2. A

    Subclass 189 Applying for subclass 189 / 190 / 491 under different occupation than TSS 482 occupation

    I am working under an ICT Support Engineer (263212) occupation in Austrlia on TSS 482 visa since January 2020. Now, I want to apply for PR [Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)] under occupation ICT Business Analyst (261111). Since, last 12 years my role and resposibilities are same as...
  3. N

    Am I eligible for Software Engineer - ACS

    Hi, Below is my history, I traveled to NSW Dec 2015 on 457 visa nominated occupation as Systems Analyst (261112). I applied ACS on Oct 2017 for Analyst Programmer (261311) occupation and received positive assessment considering my work exp after Feb 2017. My 457 visa expired on Aug 2019 and...
  4. S

    Subclass 190 NSW 190 with 70 points for ICT Business Analyst

    Hi I had submitted my EOI for ICT Business Analyst under NSW 190 visa category in July 2018 with 70 points. Any idea when can I expect an invite? Is there any chance of receiving an invite before July 2019? Regards Saurabh
  5. A

    ACS Business Analyst Experience and New Zealand Citizen getting Australian PR

    Hi Friends, My husband is NZ citizen and living in Australia. I am an Indian passport holder and in Australia on subclass 461(New Zealand Citizen Family Visa). I am little confused that what we should do for Australia PR? Should we wait for 4 years when my husband becomes eligible for applying...
  6. B

    Subclass 190 Chances of getting NSW 190 invitation?

    Hello guys, I've been seeing a lot of questions about 189 and 190 posted in this site and many quality replies given to them. So, I also would like to get an advice on my situation from you, because I'm not getting invitation as quick as I expected. My points breakdown and occupation is as...
  7. C

    ACS ICT Business Analyst Assessment | MBA - HR | B Sc CS

    Hello All, Please find the credentials of my spouse. [ I am trying to get 5 points for spouse]. Under Grad: B Sc in Computer Science [ 40% of her courses are ICT related ] First Year: Maths Computer Science Chemistry Indian Heritage & Culture Second Year: Maths-II Computer Science II...
  8. N

    ACS Assessment for Bcom graduates For ICT Business analyst

    HI, I am applying for ACS assessment under the ICT Business analyst SOL. Can someone please help me with the below queries 1. I am a Bachelors in Commerce graduate with Computers as my additional subject. I had 5 subjects related to computers out of 18. I have total 6.5 years of core Business...
  9. B

    Suitable occupation code

    Did bcom with 1 subject of IT, joined an IT reseller companies call center selling IT products. Worked 6 months. Joined bank and worked in risk management for 4.5 yrs and did mba finance in parallel ( it had 1 cs psubject.).but work in bank was implementation of a risk solution.. Switched to...
  10. ausp17

    ACS Help with RPL ICT Business Analyst for ACS

    Hi, I am struggling to fill in the RPL for ICT Business Analyst project reports and I was hoping you guys could help me. I have done two BA projects within the past 3 years and I have the experience required however I don't know what ACS wants me to state in the report exactly. I have read...
  11. P

    ACT Assessment Question - Major, Minor, Non-Relevant

    Hello all I had a bachelor's degree in Economics (4 years study time), then I had a master's degree in Information Technologies (3 semesters for a total of 10 subjects and a graduation project). During master, I had worked in a fraud unit of a Bank for 2 years (Not directly IT related but I had...