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    Applying for business visitor visa while PR application is under processing

    Hello team, I am an offshore applicant and currently, my visa for 189 is being under-processed for the code 261313. I lodged my visa application on 10.12.2018 and CO contacted me first on 15.03.2019 for the health assessment. I submitted the health-assessment on 05.04.2019. Meanwhile, I had...
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    Form 80 - International travel

    I have a doubt in filling Form 80 Part E – International travel / movements Have you travelled to any country other than Australia in the last 10 years? I am working in a software company and based out of India. I have travelled to Qatar on a business visa for 3 times while I was still on...
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    Qatar PCC for Business Visa

    I had travelled to Qatar on business visa 3 times for a total duration of stay of 7 months. I had read posts a few weeks back in a different forum that PCC will not be issued for business visa holders from Qatar. If someone had the same situation, How did you handle this?