calculating experience

  1. maandeswal

    VETASSESS Does VETASSESS award 15 points for Bachelor Degree Via Distance Education?

    I am planning to move as a Web Designer ( ANZSCO: 232414 ) to South Australia. And having few doubts regarding claiming points for my education and experience. I have 3years Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) degree from Sikkim Manipal University - Distance Education. Do they award...
  2. SHRI

    EA Assessment Experience Calculation

    I Submitted my assessment to EA on 19th, How will experience for employment will be calculated, will it be till 19th July or till the date of the decision
  3. A

    ACS ACS Assessment under Software Engineer (ANZSCO 261313) with Computer Engineering Degree (2 year/4 year deduction?)

    Hi Experts, I'm planning to apply ACS assessment under Software Engineer (ANZSCO 261313) with BSc Computer Engineering Degree. According to the ACS guideline document, It is mentioned that In all educational qualifications, 65% of the ICT content must be closely related to the nominated...
  4. E

    ACS Experience calculations and points

    Dear i have got my acs assessment positive ,however as i have mbait degree my experience is calculated by deducting 6years . Fortunately i didnt show my experience while i was doing my bachelors degree 2 years program as i was under impression out of given 11 years experience i can get 8...
  5. A

    ACS RPL years calculation for points

    Hi, I got a positive assessment from ACS giving me a total work experience of 6 years (After deducting 6yrs :(). Now, my situation is as follows : Overseas experience : 2yrs 6months Australia experience : 3yrs 6months. Assuming my Australia experience gives me 10 points for 3 yrs. Question ...