1. N

    ACT Spouse / Partner Employment question - Canberra Matrix

    Hi. I don't quite know how to answer the question regarding Spouse / Partner Employment. My partner does not have any experience working in ACT. We're both overseas applicants. He has 10 years experience as a Software Engineer and he has a skill assessment done by ACS. Should I select the answer...
  2. A

    ACT state sponsorship 190 eoi invitation

    Hi I just received a CO for my application back in August 2017. How long more will it take till I get a reply from them?
  3. C

    ACT 190 questions..

    Hi, thanks for your tremendous efforts to keep up this forum informative. I've recently applied for ACT state nomination (190) with points of 60+5(ss) for a general accountant, and I am ACT resident and went to uni in ACT. My questions are, 1. I got assigned my CO about 3weeks ago (4wks after...
  4. MysticRiver

    Travel Canberra airport is going to host international flight from September 2016

    People who stay in ACT or are planning to move to ACT, a good news is the first international flight to/from by Singapore Airlines is going to start on 21st September this year. This will enable the people to directly come to the capital city without having to take a connecting domestic...
  5. MysticRiver

    ACT Australian Driving License - Canberra (Australian Capital Territory - ACT)

    Driving license is ACT is similar to other states with minor differences. In this post, we will be discussing Car License only (not motor cycle or heavy vehicle). You can be any of the following categories Overseas Full License Holder (Migrant): Have right to drive within first 3 months of...