case officer

  1. V

    IMMI ASSESSMENT COMMENCE, Processing Allocation

    Hi, I have received a message in my immiaccount profile saying "IMMI Assessment Commence". Can someone explain that? It says This letter confirms that your application is progressing and has been allocated for further processing. You will be contacted about any additional information if...
  2. J

    Subclass 186 How to ask case officer a question and how long they respond?

    The case officer assign to me is asking for my medical and he send me a medical request (HAP ID) however my passport number in the request is incorrect of one character. how can i ask the case officer to change mu passport number on the medical request? And how long they ussually reapond...
  3. M

    Further assessment s190

    After Co Contact, s190 visa i attached additional documents (requested proof of employment:) Tax returns 10 years Contracts Employment reference letters 3 payslips per employer. And pressed button to confirm all attached. 28 days passed and i am thinking i should attach more payslips perhaps 3...
  4. A

    EA CDR assessment comments

    I submitted my CDR for assessment and received following comments on Career episodes - to provide academic project report. I wanted to know if this is normal? - Also, should the academic project reports be plagiarism free? - they have asked additional information pertaining to a career episode...
  5. E

    Subclass 489 SS 489 visa processing time 2019

    Hello Have anyone applied for 489 SS this year for SA (or other states)? Do you have any status update of how long it takes to have CO assigned and/or visa granted? and anybody knows in what kind of conditions without CO assigned the visa will be granted!?
  6. happyisland

    How to Avoid CO Contact for Online PTE Score Reports (189/190)

    Recently, there's been a lot of requests for online PTE score reports even in cases where the reports were already sent to DHA. The waiting times for 189/190 visas are already quite long, so unnecessary CO contact should be avoided at all costs. Immitracker shows there's been quite a few...
  7. A

    VETASSESS Payment evidence with fluctuating records

    Hi everyone, I am on the way to assess my occupation to VETASSESS and have enquiry related to the payment evidence to prove my work experience. Actually, I can easily issue a bank statement, showing my workplace name, as an evidential. My main issue is that the salary is fluctuating, i.e. it...
  8. LPP

    Sharing experience on CO's requirements/questions

    Dear All, After submitting our application, the biggest fear of ours is CO requirements for further assessment delaying our grant. Therefore, let us gather all the possible situations where CO would request more details and let's get ready and equipt to face similar situations. Hence, I...
  9. Adkin1990

    Subclass 489 SS 489 Visa South Aus

    my friend and myself both applied for 489 SS on 14th Dec 2017. both are immi status has been showing received since then. Both of us uploaded all the required documents including PCC & Health docs upfront both claiming 70 Points for the same occupation(Chef). However my friend received the visa...
  10. Etienne

    Subclass 457 How to contact CASE officer?

    Hi, So we have to do extra medicals because they found a spot on my wife's lung. We were told now it will take another 6 weeks for the results. However, in the email from the Case officer (from email [email protected]) they said this...... Timeframe for response You must respond to this...