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  1. Hamza zahoor

    EA Thanking Migration Desk for Help

    Hi Everyone I recently Got my Degree Assessment in Electrical Engineering. I can’t find my last conversation here where one of MD official helps me to reply to EA. I actually got EA comments after submitting my CDR reports. They said we find strong Plagiarism in reports please give us...
  2. L

    Info CDR Assesment

    I did my bachelors in mechanical engineering from India and did my masters in computer system engineering from Australia(Not accredited). I worked as network engineer for 4years and now i am planing to write my CDR.but when i checked MSA booklet i saw that CDR is done based on undergradte...
  3. H

    EA EA additional information

    Hi My name is sandeep. I have some queries regarding MSA. I have lodged file few weeks ago and today I got response from EA. They required additional information and that is to complete my CV. I did in 2014 and then I moved to Australia for business studies and I only put activities in...
  4. R

    ACS CDR approval

    I submitted it on 21 March and yet to hear any ppl have idea which date are they assessing as of now , this is seriously giving too much pain