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  1. I

    Is 75 points for chef enough to get invited? (including points as single)

    Hi Everyone! I want to ask if 75 point is enough to get invited as a chef? I submitted my eoi last June and edited last November does it affect as well? Im really stressing out now as my visa will finish soon and still havent get invite.
  2. A

    Subclass 189 Expected invite for 80 points, DOE 6th June, 2019, 2613?

    Hi All, I am looking for tentative invite timeline for application of Visa. I am applying for 189. I currently have 80 points and my DOE is 6th June, 2019. I am applying for Job code 2613. Last 2 month rounds have been disappointing where they have sent only 100 invites. Request your...
  3. Rocket_Drafter

    How do they invite?

    Hello, I am new here in this forum, I have some question I believe I am post at right place, If not please advise How do they invite for visa, Let me elaborate in depth For example Occupation for one applicant is Accountant, Occupation ceiling value for 2018/2019 is 3753 out of 2653 are...
  4. wanderlust3108

    NSW ICT Business Analyst - 189 (75 points), 190 (80 points)

    EOI Update date : 16th Mar 2019 State Nomination sought : NSW, VIC Superior English (90 in all sections in PTE) By when I can expect the 190 invite from either NSW/VIC for ICT Business Analyst, realistically speaking, given the above? Thanks