change in circumstances and delay in grant

  1. L

    Change of circumstances for Student visa

    Hi Guys, I received my student Visa to study in Australia. I will be coming to Australia in January. I am getting married in December. I have not mentioned about my marriage or spouse details in my application or GTE statement. He is an Australian temporary resident. Should I submit change of...
  2. Aj to Oz

    Visa lodged, can i change job and country of residence?

    Hi all, I have a question... i habe lodged my visa application on 25th August. sc 190. Can i change my Job and country of residence while visa application is in process. The change in job will not affect my points calculation. Currently I am in country A and have been offered a job in country...
  3. K


    Hello Sir, I lodged my visa for subclass 190, (Vic) on 26.Oct.16 and lodged PCC, Medicals on 14.Nov.16 in line with CO querry (08.nov.16). And subsequently during Jan.17 my Head Office is shifted to another city and it's government body and all contacts changed. I did not update this new...