change of passport after eoi submitte

  1. A

    Subclass 190 Passport details changed after receiving ACS

    I got mine and spouse's ACS done and applied EOI on 3rd Feb'19. As my Indian passport was expiring, I applied and got a new passport today. As, I have already applied for EOI with spouse as primary applicant and myself as secondary, I have below questions - 1) Do I need to intimate ACS...
  2. SC189

    ACS and PTE with old passport and EOI with New passport

    Dear Admin, Here is the situation. ACS - 29-Feb - Old Passport number PTE 15-Oct -Old Passport Number EOI 9-Nov - Old Passport Number All the pages in Passport were used so renewed passport on 11-Nov-16. All PCC 25nov16- New Passport Number 189 Invite received on 21-Dec. Application...