1. Grant2

    Info Detail of changes made to ImmiAccount on 02-Mar-2018

    Please refer attached presentation for detail of changes made to ImmiAccount on 02-Mar-2018
  2. Shiranga

    Newborn added to VISA 189 1022 Form

    Dear All, We lodged the our visa application on 27 Fed 2017, And CO was assigned on 8 Mar 2017, and Next day we requested to hold application due to my wife is pregnant. After the baby born the agent had uploaded the 1022 Form with all the relevant details to the ImmiAccount on 1 Aug 2017 and...
  3. A

    Guide Old passport number in visa grant letter - change passport details

    Hello Mysticriver, I have a question regarding my wife's visa grant letter. Whiles our visa application was been assessed, I uploaded form 929 and all the necessary documents for a new passport (with name change due to marriage) for my wife but on my wife's visa Grant letter, her new name...