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    subclass 190 documents checklist

    Hi Experts, I am planning to lodge subclass 190 visa soon. I have not done medicals yet, as I am unable to generate HAP ID for subclass 190 visa. Here are my documents uploaded under each section. can you please confirm, If this is sufficient. Birth or Age, Evidence of 3 docs...
  2. L

    Form 80 - Last jobs

    Hey good morning! Has anyone applied recently for a skilled visa 189? I have a couple of questions: Regarding form 80, do I have to send it first? It says it is not compulsory but do I really need to send it? If so, can anyone tell if there is a guide or something to fill it up? I have so...
  3. S

    Supporting documents for ACS migration assessment

    Hi Mystic River, I have few doubts, can you please advice. Next month I am planning to submit below documents for ACS skill assessments: 1. Computer Diploma + all marksheets + Transcript 2. B.Com bachelor degree (non-ict) + all years (3) marksheets + Transcript 3. Work reference letters, total...
  4. MysticRiver

    Guide Generalized document Checklist for General Skilled Migration

    Once you submit your application, you will need to provide as many evidence as you can to support all the claims you made in your application. Your case officer will advise what documents you need to submit and give you a deadline. You can always ask for an extension of deadline with proper...
  5. MysticRiver

    General 7 things to do first

    Below is a list of 7 important things that you should do as soon as possible after arriving in Australia. 1. Apply for a Tax File Number (TFN) Do this first. To receive an income in Australia, you need a Tax File Number (TFN). Income includes wages or salary from a job, payments from the...