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    Any chance of getting 189 Invitation For a CHEF at 85 Points

    Anyone got an invitation for CHEF at 85 Points for 189.? Any chances? I have 85 points, without any state points.
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    Is 75 points for chef enough to get invited? (including points as single)

    Hi Everyone! I want to ask if 75 point is enough to get invited as a chef? I submitted my eoi last June and edited last November does it affect as well? Im really stressing out now as my visa will finish soon and still havent get invite.
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    VIC Victoria State nomination.

    Hi myself Sean. Just being new to this forum and I have a question. Please suggest to me what to do. My visa expires on 1 Jun 2020 and I am thinking of applying for a 190 state visa but I don't really have 5 years' experience. My 5 years would be completed in 2 months say April 2020 but if i...