civil engineer

  1. helpseeker94

    EA I and my friend have same projects in bachelores

    Hi, I and friend have done same projects and did it together in bachelors of civil engineering. Now both of us want to get our cdr's assessed but do we get plagiarism as a result. what is the solution?
  2. helpseeker94

    EA getting my civil engineering bachelores assessed

    Hi everyone, I did my civil engineering bachelors in Hyderabad, India. Then I did masters in Information systems (MISP) here in Australia. as a better option, I am choosing civil engineering as my skill to apply for permanent residency. My question is that, does Engineers Australia questions me...
  3. A

    VETASSESS Can I get a positive skill assessment from Vetassess for Civil Drafting without a highly relevant field of study

    Hi, My brother has a Bachelor's degree in arts but he is working as a civil draftsman with more than 2 years of work experience in the field. Is he able to apply for skill assessment to Vetassess as a Civil Engineering Draftsperson-312211? Or does he had to study something related to civil...
  4. N

    SC 189 PR for civil engineer

    If I have 60 marks all together under civil engineer. Will I be able to get 189 PR?