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  1. jithinswz

    EA To Claim 5 Points for partner skills

    Greetings All, My wife graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from India in 2009. However she doesn't have a similar work experience that is matching neither Electrical Engineering or Electronics Engineering ANZCO code. Will she still able to get a positive skill assessment from...
  2. S

    Information required on additional 5 points and 489 Visa

    I have accumulated 70 points (Age - 15, Qualification - 15, Skills - Systems Analysts code #261112 – 15, English Language - 15, and State Sponsor - 5 Points) and applied for 190 for the both NSW and Victoria states early this month. However, going by the trends, having additional 5 points will...
  3. S

    Couldn't claim 5 points for Partner's skills

    Hi there. I had submitted an EOI for subclass 189 visa. We both did our skills assessed by relevant agencies and both of out occupations are listed as MLTSSL. My occupation is assessed for Engineering Technologist and my partner's one is for University Lecturer. Apart from this my partner meets...
  4. S

    Can I claim partner 5 points for an ongoing skill assessment for visa 189?

    I am going to apply for point-based general migration 189 visa, Australia. Can I claim 5 points for my partner, if his skill assessment is still ongoing and not completed? Is it only mandatory during the invitation or should I ignore partners point without a completed assessment? How long I...
  5. H

    ACS Partner skills 5 points

    Hi, I want to know if my partner has the educational qualification for my SOL code/nominated occupation but do NOT has work experience, can I have ACS assessment for her? Thanks