claiming points for non-ict degree

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    ACS Is ACS assessment better with Australian ICT Degree?

    Hi everyone, I hope you are well and I hope someone can help me with my query. I have finished preparing all my documents and wanting to apply for ACS assessment under Systems Analyst Here's my background - Diploma - non ICT did in 2005 Job experience (International) - 2004 to 2017 (10+years)...
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    EA can you get a pr with associate degree australia #urgent

    i am studying maritime engineering which has been removed from the list, so im thinking change to a mechanical associate degree, so can you get a pr with associate degree?
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    Claiming point for non-ict Bachelor/ Masters degree

    Hi, My Diploma in Software Technology and Systems Management has been assessed by ACS as comparable to an AQF Diploma with a Major in computing. However, I have Non-ICT degree Bachelor of Commerce and MBA from an University in India. Do I need to get point test advice from VETASSESS to claim...