co contact

  1. sharongeorger

    Subclass 189 Request for S56 from CO (Help!)

    Dear Admins / Mods, I just received a request for S56 additional information regarding my employment. What was asked for in the S56 checklist were 1) Tax Returns 2) Bank Statements 3) Superannuation information. Apart from the above info, I had submitted my employment contract letters...
  2. A

    Subclass 189 CO asks to send PTE scores which expired

    I have submitted my application on 13 Dec, 2018 along with score card, on 9th April, 2019 got a CO contact asking my partner english proof send via PTE send score button. But just 9 days before it got expired because 2 years completed, and as DIBP accepts it for 3 years it is valid but no...
  3. Me_Min

    Subclass 190 VIC Immitracker data giving heartaches

    Hi Guys, just playing around with the data available on immitracker 190, found out a horrible information. People with 'developer programmer' who lodged from 1st July till 30th Nov and have been contacted by CO, have no further updates on their application. Same date range, profession and...
  4. AD1980

    Time taken for the grant after CO contact

    HI, I got a CO contact on Nov 9, asking for evidence of employment- Bank statement, salary slip. I have provided Bank statements for last 15 years which gives the evidence of the salary credited in my account. The docs were submitted on Nov 15th. Based on your observations and trends , how...