computer network and system engineer

  1. Anam

    ACS Is it possible to assess my work experience in 2 ANZSCO (System Administrator) and (Computer Network and System Engineer)?

    Hi, Is it possible to assess my work experience in 2 ANZSCO code, if my roles and responsibilities include of both positions and my employer mentions it in the reference letter? System Administrator (262113) Computer Network and System Engineer (263111) I got positive skill assessment for...
  2. V

    ACS Experience letter not available from current employer

    I have gathered all experience letters from my previous employers but my current employers are denying to provide one and all my team is based in US including the manager, team leader and senior. In the current pandemic scenario I can't even go to the lawyers office for affidavit or have any...
  3. M

    Subclass 190 263111: Computer Network and Systems Engineer updated in Feb,2019 with 70 points

    Hi Admin, I have updated my EOI in Feb 2019 with 70 points. (Age-30 , Masters-15, study in NSW-5, 10-PTE, 5-Prof. year and 5-experience). My visa is expiring in June2019, do you think i would get 190-NSW visa before the expiry? Regards, Mehtab
  4. T

    Subclass 189 What has been the result of today's invitation round for computer network and system engineer 26311 ?

    Did any one got the invite for 26311 with 70 points? Last effect date was 29th September 2017, did anyone got the invite after that ?