computer network and systems engineer.

  1. Anam

    ACS I lodged 190 in 263111 with positive PY result. 1 year skill assessment for my work experience still in process with ACS, but received invitation.

    I lodged 190 in Computer Network & Engineer (263111) with my positive PY on Nov 2021. Currently working in related IT field. It was 1 year in April 2021. I applied for my Skill assessment for my work experience. However, I already received invitation today which states I have 100 points...
  2. easy_guy

    ACS 263111 - Computer Network and Systems Engineer Vs. Telecom Engineer

    Hello! I have my bachelors degree in telecommunication engineering and have been working since five years as Network and system Admin for a company. I have also done few certifications in networking too. Now as I'm planning to apply for Australian PR, I am confused whether i should or should...