computer network

  1. Anam

    ACS How can i claim work skill points (System Analysts) if my job is not same as my education (networking)

    Hi, I completed my masters in IT major networking and currently working as system analyst. I am still doing my Professional Year. So, didn’t assess my degree yet. My question is: How can i claim my work employment points? As it is not closely related to my education (networking)? or can i do...
  2. A

    NSW How soon will get NSW state invitation with 70 points?

    I have submitted my EOI on 11Jan with 65 points and I got additional 5 points on 12June, 2018 of my partner skills. So now I am with 70 points and applied for 189 and 190 as well. I have submitted 190 in NSW state. So , I want to know will get state invitation in next round or how long will...
  3. S

    Computer network - 75 - 189

    Hi, Could you please tell me how much confident I should feel of getting an invite with 75 points. I had submitted EOI on 19 Mar. As far as I know, there might be some changes starting June/July. Do I stand any chance? Thanks Sab
  4. C

    263111 COMPUTER NETWORK AND SYSTEMS ENGINEER - invitation chances with 65 points

    Hi, Just to give you a background, I had submitted my EOI for above occupation in Nov 2016 with 60 points for 190 category, but didn't receive any invitation after waiting for 8 months! Now I've got 10 more points added on 4th September, so now I'm at the following 65 points for - 189 70...
  5. M

    ACS applying for 189 or any for PR

    I am going to finish my MS in IT(Network and Security) in this July 2017. My question is , if I get 8 each in PTE after that. Then I will get total 65 points. So is it possible for me to apply for 189 or any to get PR? Or do I need to get 1 year industry related experience or Professional Year...