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    Can I travel to Australia during Covid?

    Hi everyone, Myself and my family were granted a 189 visa last Jan 2020, and we're planning to move to Australia next October.. I've done alot of research just to make sure if we will be allowed to get in the country or not... As per my understanding, as long as you book a ticket, submit the...
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    Initial Entry Date

    Hi Experts, I have been granted Australia PR (subclass-190) along with my family earlier this year. Our initial entry date is in first week of March 2021. We are non-committal on whether we would be able to travel by that date due to COVID and the travel restrictions due to it. I sent an email...
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    Info COVID 19 International Travel

    Hi Guys, Coming straight to point so basic rule for all the PR and citizens to travel outside Australia is get an exemption (which is very hard) and travel. Recently I heard from one of my friends that If we inform the department that we won’t be coming back to Australia for at least 3 months...