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    CPA Skill Assessment - Work Experience Question

    Hi everyone, I am on a 485 visa at the moment and have been working as an accountant for last 18 months. I had got a positive skill assessment from CPA - but at the time I had only shown my education and no work experience. My employer is willing to sponsor me for a 482 visa and I understand...
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    CPA Skill Assessment for BCom specializing in Financial Accounting and Audit from Mumbai University

    Hello Friends, Has anyone recently or in the past done Skill Assessment from CPA Australian for BCOM Degree from Mumbai University. If yes, please can you share your experience and the outcome.
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    CPA Skill assessment for Accountant (General)

    I have the following questions. If someone can answer them, will be greatly appreciated. 1) I have some missing subjects as per IPA for my skill assessment as Accountant (General). Is there any solution to cope with the requirements for a suitable assessment ? 2) Do IPA deduct any period from...
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    Partner Skills Assesment

    Hi, I (primary application) am planing to get my skills assessed next month. I will be applying for 261313 (Software Engineer) under ACS and my wife will be applying for 22111 (Accountant Genral) under CPA. In order to gain additional 5 for state/territory (for melbourne) nomination, I am going...