criminal record

  1. D

    E visa

    Hi , we want to visit our son in Australia. My husband has a criminal record from over 30 years ago . We have visited 5 times in the past and upon arrival , immigration have said he is travelling on the wrong visa . They have always allowed him in . But we want to do it correct this time . Can...
  2. XussoXus

    Australian Study+ Incorrect EOI + Criminal record

    Hey guys, I am a newbie here, and thank you for reading this. I have been recently invited by VIC, initially with 75, then increased my points to 90, as a Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency). There are a number of issues, however, that I would like to ask about. 1- I studied Cert...
  3. Miss Taurus

    Backgroud check

    An embarrassing question... I had a small incident happened when i was studying in Australia over 10 years ago which i am not proud of... it left me with a criminal record, no imprisonment, but fined. It was over the possession and use of fake ID. I was obviously an idiot back then without too...