data analyst

  1. AdnanAS8

    ACS What ANZSCO CODE should I pick as a Data Analyst / Data Scientist?

    Hi guys, I have a Master's degree in Data Science (with mostly Advanced Data Analytics units) and I have been working for over a year as a Data & Insights Analyst in Melbourne. My role is more of a Data Scientist and it involves using SQL , Python , Power BI , Azure Data Factory etc. I have...
  2. K

    Other Data Analyst — which ANZSCO code?

    Hello everyone. I’m very confused at this point which skill to nominate as a Data Analyst. Here are my qualifications: Took 4 years Bachelor’s degree in Statistics Started working as Data Analyst from Mar 2018 - May 2021 (3 years and 2 months) New work now as an Analytics Consultant, same line...