developer programmer

  1. Me_Min

    Subclass 190 VIC Immitracker data giving heartaches

    Hi Guys, just playing around with the data available on immitracker 190, found out a horrible information. People with 'developer programmer' who lodged from 1st July till 30th Nov and have been contacted by CO, have no further updates on their application. Same date range, profession and...
  2. kenaus

    ACS Bachelor degree qualification assessment failure

    Hello, I recently got a skill assessment result from ACS. My application was as follows; Selected ANZSCO code: 261312 (Developer programmer) Qualifications: Associate's degree in Computer programming + Bachelors degree in Software engineering Experience: 4 years overseas + 1 year australia...
  3. S

    ACS Assesment for past experience alone - closely related enough? any points??

    Hello, I'm preparing to apply an assessment as a software developer. I have zero academic background but in the past 6 years I've been working as a web developer, which means I need to do an RPL as well. The thing is, five years before working as a web developer, I worked in I.T as something...
  4. B

    Questions regarding NSW SS - Visa subclass 190

    Hello Everyone. Hope you are doing well. I will be applying for NSW state nomination this month with these points: Age 27 = 30 points ACS Assessment for ICT Developer Programmer = 15 points for education (no points for 4.5 years work experience though) IELTS 7.5 overall (L-8, R-8, S-7, W-7.5)...