1. E

    QLD Queensland closes to interstate 489/190 state sponsorships. What does it mean?

    Hello Everyone, I have read a update on Iscah website today that Queensland closes to interstate 489/190 state sponsorships? Is Queensland stop sending invitation for Skill migrants. Please help because i want to apply.
  2. Junaidulhassan10

    Occupation list changes in July-2018

    Dear all, Hope you are fine. It's been again some what disappointing result from DIBP with low invitation numbers (300) which seems quite scary for many of us. Well, now my concern is a abit different, I've submitted my EOI (189) on 8th March 2018 as "Materials Engineer 233112 (non pro) with 70...
  3. Junaidulhassan10

    Experience letter (Employment reference letter)

    Dear all, Hope you all will be fine and get the visa grant soon. Well, I am a bit confused regarding submission of experience letter. I've been working with my employer since September 2011, when I submitted my CDR (October 2017 submitted) it was almost 6 years with my employer and submitted...