1. A

    491 Visa Lodgement

    Hi @MysticRiver @poojatrivedi @Dileep I have applied for 408 Covid Visa and currently on Bridging Visa A. Now I have apply to for 491 Visa since I am nominated successfully by state government. How should I proceed with lodging 491 Visa? Should I first lodge 491 Visa (In this case, Which...
  2. manjot singh

    Subclass 489 SS Received njl letter

    Hiii @mystic river I have received immi s057 njl today,, case officer called 7 jan to my previous employer and asked my joining date, salary and job duties,, which my employer was failed to answer some of their questions and answered them different figures of my salary. Now case officer issued...
  3. K

    General Work opportunities in Sydney

    Hello everyone I am planning to move to Sydney in June 2019 and have already started applying various jobs through seek.au portal. Currently, I have no connection in Sydney and I have heard, employers always seek local reference for considering any job application. Can someone (who are already...
  4. S

    EA Skill assessment

    Dear Sir, What should be the application type for assessment in EA forum for an experienced engineer with a bachelor's degree for immigration purposes 1. Standard Competency Demonstration Report OR 2. Competency Demonstration Report + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment Please help with a...
  5. E

    Subclass 190 Resignation from Job after Visa Application

    @MysticRiver Dear Mystic, I was lodged my Visa application on 17 Sep 2018 and Got CO contact on 18 Dec for More Employment Evidence (Reference Letter) which I submitted on 20 December 2018.No news after that. But as my company knows that I have applied for Visa application so they hire a person...
  6. R

    Query on reference letter for current employment!!

    Hi, I have query on obtaining reference letter for my current employment; as its not possible to get on company's letter-head. This leaves me with below options:- 1. Getting it from HR Recruiter of current organisation. But he/she is not working in my team, will that work? 2. I joined my...
  7. M

    EA What exactly should I provide?

    Hi everyone! I recently applied for skills assessment as an Electronics Engineer with EA. I was asked to provide project reports supporting my career episodes. So I submitted all reports along with certification of acknowledgment from the Head of department at my University. CO has now come back...
  8. manjot singh

    How long to take decision?

    Hello mysticriver, dileep Co contacted me on 8 oct and asked for form 80 and australian federal police check, i have submitted both of them now, jst want to know how long visa officer take to final my deciosion or shall he ask for more documents?
  9. manjot singh


    Can anybody plz help me by send me a link to update timeline?
  10. manjot singh

    Query about 489 nsw

    Hello mysticriver, I have lodged my visa 489 nsw on 29th june as u can see on my timeline. Previous work experience has been verified over the phn while assesment by vetassess. I switched to new job and i filled the detail about my new job in form 80 at the time of lodgement and attached salary...
  11. Junaidulhassan10

    Subclass 189 Online application and Attaching the documents

    Dear all, I have clicked "APPLY VISA" for 189 Cat and filled the online application form. There are total of 17 steps of filling this form and last the confirmation summary. After confirming the summary I was thinking to submit the application and get the payment details to pay for my...
  12. badermushtaq

    EA Engineers Australia Skill Assessment ?

    Do I need to put details of the 10th and 12th grade for Engineers Australia Assessment?
  13. GRG

    Subclass 189 Count of Cumulative work experience

    Dear All, I started working with company A from 5th july 2010 till august 15th 2015 Then I moved to company B from 23rd October 2015 ongoing till now. As I have currently 65 pts including 10pts from my work experience outside australia (5-7 years). My question is, starting from which date I...
  14. Junaidulhassan10

    Police Certificate for Wife

    Dear all, hope you'll be fine. I have doubt regarding Police certificate (Pakistan). I am married and my wife belongs to the city other than me and she was there since birth. After marriage (2011) she is with me and we both came to Dubai right after marriage. During this 7 Years of time my wife...
  15. E

    QLD Queensland closes to interstate 489/190 state sponsorships. What does it mean?

    Hello Everyone, I have read a update on Iscah website today that Queensland closes to interstate 489/190 state sponsorships? Is Queensland stop sending invitation for Skill migrants. Please help because i want to apply.
  16. E

    EA Skill Assessment in another occupation

    Dear All I need advice in the following matter: 1. I have done the Skill Assessment in Mechanical Engineer but now i want to do the Skill Assessment in Production Engineering. As these both occupations are linked with each other. So my question is can i used my same Career Episodes for doing...
  17. Junaidulhassan10

    Updating the Skill select and effect on DOE

    Dear All, I've just updated my EOI which was initially submitted on 14/06/2018 with 75 Points (190 Class) and 70 Points for 189. Just now I updated and cancelled/Unchecked my 189 Class. But now I am confused, it is showing that last EOI submitted on 07/07/2018, but the DOE is still 14/06/2018...
  18. Junaidulhassan10

    EOI submission for both 189 and 190

    Dears, Hope you'll be doing good. If I submit EOI for 189 and 190 together and if I got invited by 190, whether my EOI for 189 will be locked or it still be valid (for invitation) after 190 invitation? Thanks
  19. Junaidulhassan10

    Subclass 189 Forms for Principal Applicant and independants

    Dears, Would these FORMS suffice for my visa application as attachments during documents upload? (as under) A) Main Applicant Form 80 Form 1221 B) Independent over 18 (Wife) Form 80 Form 1221 Form 47a C) Independents under 18 (Children 4yrs old and 1 yr old) No Forms If any form missing...
  20. andraaja

    Subclass 190 Need your opinions on using a Migration Agent for SUB190

    Hi Guys, I need your opinion on my case. I have submitted EOI for 190 NSW in Nov 2017 and I am still waiting for an invitation by the government. I am considering to engage a migration lawyer to continue with my application. But I was thinking I have been waiting for 6 months so is it...