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    VETASSESS Get Skill Assessment just with course?

    Hello. I'd like to know if I can get the Skill Assessment if I have just the couse. Ex.: If I have the Diploma of Interior Design (ANZCO 232511) made in Perth, but I don't have experience in the area. I have the English enough to the requirement. If I'm correct, this option doesn't need...
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    Enrolled Nurse 411411 - 190 Visa NSW

    Hi all! I am from the UK currently on a WHV (2nd year) which will be coming to an end in April. I am looking into doing the Enrolled Nurse (Diploma of Nursing) course at TAFE, however just wondering if anyone might be able to shed some light on the below queries I have : - What are the chances...
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    Diploma issue

    Hello, Can someone explain to me.. Where can I check could I verify my diploma in Australia? Is it accepted or not? How much does it cost to get it verified? I saw on the application that there is a lot of options (It can be verified by a lot of the government institution) Any information is...
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    ACS ACS assessment - skill select met date for mixed experience and qualification

    Hello @MysticRiver @Marcos Albuquerque , I'm sorry if i am repeating some questions here. Thank you wholeheartedly in advance for helping me out here. There are my credentials Age - 34 2002 - BCom Graduate (completely Non IT) 2002 - 2005 - Working in non-it role 2005 - 2007 - PGDBM (MBA) in...
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    Non-relevant bachelor and relevant diploma - How many years will be deducted in ACS assessment

    hi, Mystic river, I have a full time bachelor degree which is not related to my job/skill experience, but i have a 2 year part time diploma course, which is related to my job experience. I have uploaded it along with other certifications. So would it be of any help to me aganist ACS decreasing...