1. Samy1225

    ACS Digital certificate for acs assessment

    Hi All. One of my certificates (py course completion letteris a digital copy and it has a water mark stating that. Can I use that for my acs skill assessment. thank you
  2. demhalalib

    Info Indian Birth Certificate for people born before 1990

    Hi Everyone, My name is Ahmed, Currently in Australia from last 2 years on 482 long term visa, I am planning to apply for PR, and regarding documents, I have a query and though to sought your help, I was born in 1988, and I dont have Birth Certificate, When my employer applied my 482 visa...
  3. Z

    EA Suggestions Required For Electrical Engineer Skill Assessment

    Dear friends, I am going to apply for skill assessment from EA, and need your guidance. I'm Electrical & Electronics Engineer from a UK university while studying in another country (3 years B.Eng Hons degree). My degree transcripts depict more focus on electronics than electrical subjects...
  4. Grant2

    Passport Submission for Visa Application

    To upload passport after lodgement of visa application. Do i need to upload ONLY data Page (picture and other detail is mentioned there) or do i need to scan all pages and make one pdf file and upload in the immi account. Please advise.
  5. F

    how to submit form 1221 and 80?

    i have been asked by my CO to submit forms 1221 & 80 as additional documents. these both forms are interactive i.e. can be filled using any pdf writer. what should i do? can i fill it using pdf writer and then print last page to sign it and submit the scanned copy? or do i need to take a print...