1. K

    Guide Accidently Uploaded Wrong Document to IMMI Account Which Shouldn't be Uploaded.

    Hello Friends, I applied for student visa for Australia (Subclass 500) but uploaded wrong document which shouldn't be uploaded at any cost. I know I cannot delete attachment but are there any option to inform them to ignore that document? If I request to ignore that mistakenly uploaded...
  2. T

    VETASSESS Additional documentation

    Afternoon everyone, After a three month wait, VETASSESS just asked me for additional documentation (the underpinning diploma to my main qualification), which I sent back in less than 24 hours after receiving their request. First question: Can I consider such request for additional...
  3. demhalalib

    Info Indian Birth Certificate for people born before 1990

    Hi Everyone, My name is Ahmed, Currently in Australia from last 2 years on 482 long term visa, I am planning to apply for PR, and regarding documents, I have a query and though to sought your help, I was born in 1988, and I dont have Birth Certificate, When my employer applied my 482 visa...
  4. S

    Marriage certificate lost

    Hello we got a invitation to apply for SA .. wHile all our documents are ready we realised that we lost our marriage certificate and we do not have e copy of the same .. it may be lengthy process to retrieve a fresh one.. can we submit application without registered marriage certificate...
  5. A

    Subclass 189 Spouse documents for 189 visa

    Hi, Me and my wife have applied for visa 189 visa. I am the primary applicant and we have added 5 points of my spouse as she is a software engineer and got ACS accrediation. Altogether we have 80 points. What all documents do I have to submit for my spouse's extra 5 point?? Only ACS accrediation...
  6. S

    subclass 190 documents checklist

    Hi Experts, I am planning to lodge subclass 190 visa soon. I have not done medicals yet, as I am unable to generate HAP ID for subclass 190 visa. Here are my documents uploaded under each section. can you please confirm, If this is sufficient. Birth or Age, Evidence of 3 docs...
  7. atifiqbal1985

    Subclass 189 Evidence of Health tab - where to upload Polio Vaccination Certificate

    Hi all, I submitted my visa application on 14th Oct, and got my medical done yesterday. The medical center mentioned that the report will be sent to DIBP in almost 3 days. I also need to submit Polio Vaccination Certificate since it is required for my country, and I was told by people to upload...
  8. K

    Subclass 189 when claiming spouse 5 points, spouse's documents for 189 visa application

    While submitting visa application for 189, since I am claiming spouse's 5 points, do I need to upload my wife's salary slips, form 16 and back statement, to prove my wife's employment?
  9. atifiqbal1985

    Signing Form 80 and Form 1221

    Hi everyone, While filling Forms 80 and Form 1221, there is requirement of signature at the end of the document for both myself, and partner. Since I don't wish to print and rescan all of it, can I just sign it using touchscreen laptop through Acrobat? Will that be acceptable? Someone told me...
  10. atifiqbal1985

    Subclass 189 Form 80 and Form 1221?

    Hello guys, I am preparing documents to submit for Visa application 189. My understanding is that we have to submit Form 80, but I read somewhere that we also have to submit Form 1221. Can someone please confirm how many total Forms, and which Forms we have to submit for Visa application 189...
  11. atifiqbal1985

    Documents upload for deducted experience by ACS??

    Hi, I am expecting invite in the upcoming round, and therefore, I have started preparing the documents for submission. ACS deducted my 5 years of experience from total 11 years of experience, and considered the remaining 6 years as relevant. While uploading documents for visa application, do...
  12. atifiqbal1985

    Police Clearance from multiple cities

    Hi, I am expecting invite in the upcoming round, and therefore, I have started preparing the documents for submission. I was told that I would need police clearance from all cities I have lived in since 18 years of age. I have lived in 3 different cities, where 3rd city is my current city. My...
  13. S

    Documents & Statutory Declaration - Skilled Visa

    Hi there, would like to enquire some of the doubts below for skilled migration visa 189:- What kind of documents need to be certified? Is this including my resume, identity card/ID, passport copy, passport picture,birth cert, marriage cert,etc. What about payslips,bank statements?Anything else...