ea assessment

  1. Duraivel

    EA Does the original Thesis Report needs to be Plagiarism Free

    Hello everyone, Need urgent help on EAs MSA application. Applied for Electrical Engineer assessment and they asked few questions from 3 episodes and I submitted few days back. Today I got response from then saying to submit the original report for one of the episodes. When I consult with some of...
  2. P

    EA CAN USE NEW PROJECTS ? Received negative skill assessment from EA , Ban completed

    Last year EA imposed ban of 12 months and given negative skill assessment in electrical with CDR 1. My question is CAN I GO WITH NEW PROJECTS OR can I go with 2 same project and 1 new one . Is it possible that will i show my 1 new projects which i did during masters 2. Second question is -...
  3. A

    EA What is the minimum wage to claim 5 points for Employment in Australia for a Graduate Engineer

    Hello, I am currently working as a Graduate Mechanical Engineer in Western Australia. I am to complete one year with the same company soon and I got payslips and reference documents to prove the employment. But I think they paid me below the average annual salary of a graduate engineer. Will...
  4. Hasan.gharaibeh

    EA Skills assessment for my partnet

    My partner has a bachelor in Civil Engineering which I need to make assessment for her transcripts, I'm just wondering if I can do it for her without PTE/IELTS ? she doesn't have work experience as well! So can I do only her transcripts ?