ea rejection

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    EA CAN USE NEW PROJECTS ? Received negative skill assessment from EA , Ban completed

    Last year EA imposed ban of 12 months and given negative skill assessment in electrical with CDR 1. My question is CAN I GO WITH NEW PROJECTS OR can I go with 2 same project and 1 new one . Is it possible that will i show my 1 new projects which i did during masters 2. Second question is -...
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    Employment Assessment Rejection

    Dear Friends, I need a help in regard to Rejected employment periods. Engineer's Australia rejected my Employment reference due to Low salary. It was in year 2017. Now I wish to apply for reassessment. So, is there any chance to get it assessed and get my points for rejected period.? Please...
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    2018-2019 EA rejection

    Hi admin EA engineers australia has imposed ban on me 12 month and reason for that was my carrier episodes were copied and didnot meet criteria for australian requirements But the thing happend was when i submitted first time they asked for cpd and second time they asked for proofs and when i...