education history eoi

  1. Prabhashi

    Eductaion History in EoI

    Hi, I completed Diploma of Engineering at Deakin College and then transferred to Deakin University for 2nd year studies. Is including only Bachelor's degree in the education history enough when filling EoI or Do I have to include both Diploma and Bachelor's degree? Your help will be much...
  2. Luciano77

    Subclass 190 Claiming 15pts. with education history on EOI with a TRA Skill Assessment

    Well, I got a Succefull Skill assesment as Fitter (general). To get this assesment succesful, I used my first qualification which is Maintenance Technician and also I sent the Bachelor Degree on maintenance (I got this Bachelor Degree in Chile), and the outcome letter from the Skill Assessment...