educational qualification

  1. F

    Must Degree used to claim qualification points be submitted for skills assessment?

    I am preparing to lodge an EOI for the 189/190 as a University Lecturer. I am currently preparing documents for the VETASSESS assessment for my work experience. According to VETASSESS, my BSc should be sufficient qualification to work in my field as a University Lecturer. I have a PhD though...
  2. L

    ACS Post skill level requirement met date, work experience while studying a non ICT course in Australia

    Hello, I have already met the skill requirement date. Completed 3 years ICT Major bachelors then worked for 2 years, and I have met the skill level requirement date. Then I moved to Australia to study a non-ICT course, and I am working an ICT job[20hrs/week] which is closely related to the...
  3. Clemente

    Difference between selecting "Masters Degree in Science, Business or Technology" or "Masters Degree (Other)"

    I have a Masters degree obtained from the Faculty of Science from Macquarie University (Master of Environment). I'm not sure if I should enter it as a "Masters Degree in Science, Business or Technology" or "Masters Degree (Other)" in my Education History. I believe I should enter it as a...
  4. C

    EOI Education History - Masters of Environment

    Hi, I have undertaken a Master of Environment in Australia. I'm applying as an Environmental Consultant for which VETASSESS has already provided a POSITIVE Skills Assessment Outcome. My Masters was assessed as comparable to the educational level of an AQF Master degree, and the "Field of study...
  5. S

    NSW study program MBA

    Hi All, I want to apply for study visa Australia at moment I am looking for MBA program as i have done my Bachelor Hons in pharmacy . can I be eligible for such program is there any specific criteria to qualify. Thank you
  6. S

    Applying for immigration

    Hi All, I am new to the immigration process i want to apply for immigration below are my education details Dpharmacy hons 4years program kindly for your inputs
  7. A

    EA Transcript Document for Assessment

    Hi, I am currently applying for my education and experiences assessment. Is it okay to upload consolidated mark sheet as transcript . If not what should I upload for Transcript document for my Engineering degree. I have my degree certificate and consolidated mark sheet . Are they enough for my...
  8. A

    VETASSESS Can I claim points for my degree in accounting if I am applying for visa 189/190 as a chef

    Hi, I need to know if I can claim points if I apply to get my overseas Bachelor's Degree In Business assessed as comparable to AQF Bachelor's Degree. I am planning to apply for skilled migration as Chef (351311) and got my skills assessed thorough TRA but I wanted to claim 15 points for my...
  9. N

    ACS Query related to ICT related educational qualification evaluation

    Am have few queries regarding academics/educational qualification evaluation (ICT related) by ACS. Preface – Two parallel studies carried out. Primary qualification is Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com – 3 years) through correspondence/distance learning. Secondary qualification is Diploma in...