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    General 70 points Electrical engineer state nomination 2020

    which state that don't require job offer and are inviting electrical engineers with 70 points with 3.5 years experience in 2020 ? any suggestion please ?
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    EA If I have a 3-year Master of Engineering (Electrical) would I be a 233311 Electrical engineer or a 233411 Electronics engineer?

    Engineers Australia hasn't put up the exact criteria for each profession, so I don't know which one I would be. This is important because 233411 is pro rata and 233311 is not pro rata. So 233311 potentially requires fewer points to get invited.
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    EA Please review & suggest : Exp. Ref. letter Electrical Engineer

    Dear Colleagues, I am about to submit my Reference letter to EA for Relevant Skills Assessment. Request you all to please suggest changes & your feedback on whether it will be positive for Electrical Engineer or Not ...?
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    EA Electrical Engineer VISA 189

    Hi Folks, I have heard that its relatively easy to get the VISA 189 for electrical engineers applying with 60 points. Is it true ? And approx how much time it takes to get the VISA grant if all formalites like PCC medical check, documents upload completed and done the very next day we get an...