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  1. anishniroula

    EA CDR for Electrical Engineers

    Hey guys! I am new to this forum and it has been great reading and knowing about everyone's journey to skill Assessment. A little background about me. I am an electrical engineer (graduated in September 2018) from Kathmandu, Nepal. I now want to start my skills assessment and I have been...
  2. M

    Info I still have not received a request for health examinations - 190

    Hello migration desk community! I lodged my 190 visa in December 2022. At the time of lodging I already had a valid health exam updated in the system from a previous 491 visa refusal. The previous health exam expired in early March 2023. However I still have not received a new request for health...
  3. R

    ACS Need Suggestions for positive skill assessment and 190 visa

    I am electrical engineer at the moment in townsville qld . But my bachelor's is electronics and communication. I did my masters of professional engineering on electrical and renewable engineering .For my 190 & 491 visa, Can I apply for skill assessment with my bachelor's degree or with my...
  4. mprixf

    EA Thoughts on skills assessment as Electrical Engineer instead of Electronics Engineer?

    Hi Please pardon me if this question was avoidable here... This is my first question in this forum... I am did my graduation in Electronics & Communication Engineering in the year 2009. For 11 years, I have been working as Rail Signalling Engineer which is significantly inclined towards...
  5. R

    EA Electrical engineer nominated as engineering technologist

    Hi everyone! I recently received my result from EA as engineering technologist 233914. The occupational classification and occupation is also engineering technologist. I am concerned that on the outcome document does not state anywhere of which engineering technologist I am. I have an...
  6. S

    ACS ACS skill assessment for Electronics and Communication Engineering

    Hello sir/mam, I completed 4 years of electronics and comm. engineering from my country and then worked for 2years 7 months as a software engineer. Then I came to Australia and completed a master's in IT. From July 2019 I have been working as a Software engineer here in Australia. So this July...
  7. adnanfaroq86

    EA Assessment as Electrical Engineer(233311) or Engineer Technologist(233914 )?

    I am completing my PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Australia. I am planning to enter into the immigration process and first thing will be the skill assessment. I completed my Bachelor's of Computer Engineering from Dept of Electrical Engineering, then completed my Masters by Research +...
  8. M

    General 70 points Electrical engineer state nomination 2020

    which state that don't require job offer and are inviting electrical engineers with 70 points with 3.5 years experience in 2020 ? any suggestion please ?
  9. X

    EA If I have a 3-year Master of Engineering (Electrical) would I be a 233311 Electrical engineer or a 233411 Electronics engineer?

    Engineers Australia hasn't put up the exact criteria for each profession, so I don't know which one I would be. This is important because 233411 is pro rata and 233311 is not pro rata. So 233311 potentially requires fewer points to get invited.
  10. M

    EA Please review & suggest : Exp. Ref. letter Electrical Engineer

    Dear Colleagues, I am about to submit my Reference letter to EA for Relevant Skills Assessment. Request you all to please suggest changes & your feedback on whether it will be positive for Electrical Engineer or Not ...?
  11. S

    EA Electrical Engineer VISA 189

    Hi Folks, I have heard that its relatively easy to get the VISA 189 for electrical engineers applying with 60 points. Is it true ? And approx how much time it takes to get the VISA grant if all formalites like PCC medical check, documents upload completed and done the very next day we get an...