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    Is it important to split same job in EOI starting from ACS effective date? got invite, HELP!!!

    I could use some expert opinion please. I was working in a company from Jan 2007 - Dec 2011, same title and everything. In my ACS assessment, they deducted 2 years so the effective date is Jan 2009 when relevant experience starts. When I was creating my EOI, in job experience I added Jan 2007...
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    Employment Reference Contact Details and Roles & Responsibility

    Dear Admins, I have below questions for filing the ACS. 1) The sample employment reference document provided by the ACS doesn't contain the contact number of the person who has signed the document, instead it contains the contact details of the company ? 2) The roles & responsibilities for...
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    EA Engineers Australia Assessment

    Dear All, I was assessed as Industrial Engineer in EA assessment. I applied for CDR+Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment. For CDR , assessor gave me positive result as Industrial Engineer. For Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment. Assessor emailed me that He did not include the...