employment evidence

  1. S

    ACS No pay slips or tax proof for the first two years of my employment

    I have received ACS positive assessment today with 8 years of work experience with a single employer in the UAE. However, I just realized that I do not have pay slips or tax proof for the first two years of my employment as I was getting my salary in cash. What I can provide is employer...
  2. rameezcfa

    Previous Employer Closes Operations

    Hi MR, What if the previous employer closes operations...? I left my previous employer 5 months back, the Company was a textile Unit, it was in financial difficulties since 3 years, so 5 months back an opportunity came n i left the company, Yesterday i had a chat with my Previous manager, he...
  3. S

    EA Engineers Australia Assessment

    Dear All, I was assessed as Industrial Engineer in EA assessment. I applied for CDR+Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment. For CDR , assessor gave me positive result as Industrial Engineer. For Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment. Assessor emailed me that He did not include the...
  4. N

    Purpose of submitting secondary employment evidences

    What is the purpose of submitting employment evidence other than the employer's reference? In a case where an employer/employee has not paid tax on the salary earned by the employee, and was paid by cash in hand and the employee can only provide evidence such as a salary letter from employer...