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  1. D

    ACS Skills assessment : experience certificate related problems

    I have 8 years of experience for skills assessment, but couple problems/doubts: I have gone through the assessment pdf but still its confusing; 1. 2 of my employers have closed down the business and the experience letter does not have job responsibilities: but has position title, date and is on...
  2. P

    ACS different company name in reference letter & form16

    Hi all, While applying for ACS, do we need to submit any document incase my employer is acquired by another company. example : I was employed in company ABC from 2010-2012. XYZ is the subsidiary company of ABC and ABC has spun off its services into XYZ in 2015. Now, I have Form 16, Pay...
  3. S

    Info ACS skill assessment - service letters

    Is it mandatory to mention the designation I hold in the service letters ? I wish to apply under the ANZSCO code 263111 (Computer Network and Systems Engineer) I can obtain the service letter that covers the roles and responsibilities required for 263111 as I'm currently practicing them but...
  4. G

    ACS Doubt about sentence in Employment letter

    Hi, I asked via e-mail one of my old employers an employment reference letter because I needed it for a skills assessment (prior to a visa application). The employer sent me the employment reference letter in the expected format (it includes all the information listed in ACS guidelines...
  5. abhi4profsnl

    EA Work Reference letter by employer

    Hi group members I am a Civil Engineer having 7 years of oversea experience. I am applying for assessment and want to claim points of my work experience. My migration agent told me that I need a reference letter from my employers which include Role & Responsibility(R&R), duration of the job, and...
  6. R

    ACS Digital signature not provided - how can I submit my documents to ACS?

    Dear friends, since ACS modified the guidelines for the skills assessment, I read here https://www.acs.org.au/msa/skills-faqs.html:: "ACS does not require documents to be certified as true copies of the original. Documents need to be submitted as high quality colour scans." Also, in their...
  7. G

    ACS Who can certify an employment reference letter for ACS assessment? Can a pharmacist do so ?

    Hi All.. Can a pharmacist certify a employment reference letter for ACS assessment for Australian PR ? Who all can do this . Currently JP services are suspended and can't find one..
  8. B

    ACS Updated ACS assessment - Payment Evidence documents

    Hello all, For my employment period of 2014-2015, I only have the payslips given to me by the employer. I do not have the bank statements. If I apply for assessment, with only the payslips, is it sure to get negatively assessed? Any help/suggestions would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.